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The Basset Hound puppies on this page are currently available unless marked as a
“HOLD”.  If you see one you are interested in please contact us for more detailed
A few words about Basset Hound
puppies in general:
Most Basset pups are very outgoing
and friendly; it is very rare to see one
that is aggressive. A more common
occurrence is to see one that is
reserved or shy, this is usually easily
overcome with patience and attention.

Bassets are typically big eaters and
while this is not too much of a problem
as puppies they may need to be
regulated more closely as adults to
head off obesity.

Basset Hound puppies do have a few
unique safety issues to consider.  
Because of their long ears they tend to
trip rather easily.  They will literally step
on their ears and fall.  While this is not
a problem in a yard or even the living
room floor, it can be dangerous on
steps or stairs.  Also it is not safe for
them to have access to in ground
pools.  While a longer legged breed
might get into the water and scramble
out a Basset hound likely will not,
causing a tragic accident.  Aside from
this typical puppy proofing is a very
good idea around the home.  Try to
keep electrical cords out of reach from
your puppy, different toxic household
cleaners should be kept away from
them and heavy objects that could
turnover or fall should be removed or

Bassets have a rather loud and
booming bark, this is because they are
“hounds” and are designed to be
heard from afar so you can monitor
their progress.  While they do not bark
anymore than most other dogs, they
can be heard better, so please keep
this in mind if it might become an issue.

I hope this information is helpful,
please contact us if you have more
questions.  Click here to learn more
about our
Stonewall Farm
The puppies below are both high
percentage European and full.  They
are marked so you can tell which.
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