Stonewall Farm
In our never-ending attempts to improve our breeding program we have
been adding "Euro" genetics.  The first Euros were Louis and Lila, they
are 3/4 Euro and have worked out wonderfully.  Their pedigree
combined V. Hollandeim  and Moravia Bray bloodlines.  We were so
impressed with the results of combining these dogs with our existing
American bloodlines that we recently imported two more pups from
Moravia Bray.  They are from her great Zenobia female and the I'm
Your Man v. Grunsven male that is seeing regular use in their kennel.  I
hope to again combine these outcross genetics with my existing
American base and to also cross this newest pair with Louis and Lila.  
Watch our website for the results or feel free to contact us for more info
or just to talk Bassets.

We get a lot of questions about "Euros", I thought I might try to cover
some of the more frequent ones here.

What is a Euro-Basset?

It is a Basset Hound that was either bred in Europe or has parentage
that was imported from Europe in recent years.

What is the difference between Euro-Bassets and the
"American" variety?

The short answer to this is SKIN.  Euros have quite a bit more loose
skin than your typical American bred dog.  Also deeper bodied and
usually heavier.

Do Euros have longer ears?

In my experience, no.  Our American bred Bassets have as much ear
as their Euro counterparts.

Do you see any difference in their attitude as compared to an
American Basset?

Not really.  All dogs have their own personality and they vary greatly
within any breed.  

I hope this has helped.  If you want to contact us about our
Euro-Bassets for sale please do so.  We welcome both e-mails and
phone calls.
Norma Queens
Stonewall Lila
Nanuk Queen's Hermelin
Feel free to visit any of these pages to learn more.
We have these pups that are 100% European bred, sired by Jericho,
mother is Norma Queen's Hermelin.  Date of Birth 3/1/2019, if you
need more info please contact us.