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Irish Terrier Puppies
For Sale
The Irish Terrier puppies on this page are currently available unless marked as a
“HOLD”.  If you see one you are interested in please contact us for more detailed
A few words about Irish Terrier
puppies in general:
Most Irish Terrier pups are very outgoing
and friendly and work well for your
typical dog owner; it is very rare to see
one that is reserved or shy.  
Occasionally we will have one that is
hyper-active, or just generally full of
nonsense.  These can be great dogs as
well but need someone that is a “dog
person”, they are not the right pup for a
first time dog owner.  We try to identify
all our pups as either typical, calm or
high energy.  This is something we will
let you know about if you purchase a
puppy from us.

Ear-training is an issue that comes up
often.  First please realize that this is
purely cosmetic, the health of your
puppy will not be affected if one of his
ears hangs somewhat crooked.  That
being said many of our puppies will
have great looking ears with no training
at all.  For others, if that perfect Irish
Terrier look is desired some gluing may
be needed.   I am far from an expert at
this, but I have done a little bit of ear
work over the years.  My favorite product
for this is Jiffy Sew puppy dog ear
forming adhesive.   We have a link on
our “Links Page” that has more info and

Irish Terriers do need plenty of quality
exercise.  This can be through walks or
better yet runs with their owner or time in
a dog park, or a fenced in yard with
plenty of time to play in it.  It doesn’t
really matter how they get it, but they will
be healthier and happier if they do.
Another thing I highly recommend is
Obedience classes.  While not required
or absolutely necessary if it is at all
possible for you to do this it will make
the entire dog experience better.

I hope this information is helpful, please
contact us if you have more questions.