Stonewall Farm
Below are statements we have received from past customers.
Just thought I'd send an email to thank you again.  Dooley
is a great dog and is doing well. He is a quick learner and
has joined our family with ease.  Everyone who has met
him is amazed at how well mannered he is, even the Vet
was impressed today.  I am attaching some images to
share with you too.
This has been a great experience and I am so happy to
have him. Feel free to use me as a reference for others
and I will definately pass on your name to anyone looking
for an Irish terrier (or the other 2 breeds you breed).
Just thought you might enjoy some pictures of Toby
aka Coolidge and how he is doing here in Alaska with
his new family and sister Marly!!!!!
He looooves it here and fits right in... I cannot thank you
both enough for giving us such a wonderful puppy...
He's about 8 months now! Came from your May 16th
litter I believe...
We absolutely love and spoil him!  :)
looking through pix from the fall and now. I really
would like to tell you guys, again, that I LOVE the heck
out of this hound! The kids still refer to her as their
"best friend" and "beloved bassett."  She comforts
upset children, greets everyone in her path, and even
if I've had a bad day, she's the first one to greet me &
sit down next to me & give me one of her genuine
"aaahhh rrhhhhoooowwwwws."  She reads people.
She's my best friend, too, and the best investment
we've ever made! Happy New Year!
Hello Steve and Rhonda!  
We just wanted to take some time out now that Oscar
(previously Fuzzy) has turned a year old to thank you for giving
us such a great dog. He's playful, smart, and sweet. He's been
such a fast learner and training has gone great so far. This year
has flown by and we can't believe how fast he's growing up! He
loves long walks around Lake Johnson here in Raleigh, playing
fetch, and he gets along great with every dog he meets. Oscar
is the perfect amount of playful and relaxed that we needed. He
keeps us active and laughing. I've attached some photos that
we've taken since having him from the first day back in July to
his birthday yesterday. Once again thank you for bringing this
sweet puppy into our lives. WE LOVE OUR IRISH TERRIER!
How happy we are to recommend your dogs.  Having
been a former Giant Schnauzer owner I was hesitant
to try the 'Irish.'  But you had sound and plain answers
to my questions and concerns and I have been more
than satisfied with our pup Jjanga (formerly Murphy).  
He came well fed and groomed and in a good kennel
that we still use.  Has never had an accident and was
literally house broken in days.  He is lovable, loyal and
a true blast.  At just three months old he is already
learning sit, stay, down and come.  We cannot say
enough - and we cannot thank you enough for putting
him into our lives.  Thank you again.
Again, we thank you for giving us Crystal and
Sylvester.  They are a joy to us and also to the
families in our development.  They are VERY popular.
My name is Kimberly and my boyfriend and I got a male
pup(Bennie) from your 10/27/2008 litter and thought I'd send
you some pictures of how gorgeous(so I think anyway) he
grew up to be. We named him Riley, although we also call him
simply "hound dog" and that's what he answers to the most.
He has two other "brothers" to get tons of playtime out of. We
absolutely love him and am so glad we found your site.
Thanks for the great pup!
Here is an updated picture of Arrow (Paddy). Hope
you like it. We are really happy with him and
having lots of fun.
Thanks for letting us have him
Hi Rhonda,

My husband and I bought Morgan (renamed Ruby) from
you.  She was born on August 2, 2008.  Thought I’d
share some photos.  She is TROUBLE but we love her
immensely.  Her favorite game is playing Frisbee in the
snow.  She is a beautiful dog with so much personality,
spunk and mischief.
Hi Rhonda and Steve,
Hope you and your family are doing well. Lela is
doing so great. She loves to take all our shoes,
she doesnt chew them, she puts them in her dog
bed and lays on top of them. Shes so wonderful. I
will never own another dog except an irish terrier.
She is so stubborn at times. It makes you laugh. I
Steve and Rhonda,
I wanted to write you and let you know how happy I have been I
wanted to write you and let you know how happy I have been
since getting Harley-Flynn from you.  I'll admit, I was very hesitant
about putting a dog on an airplane so young in life but he came to
me in great shape and perfectly happy.  He has grown into a
confident and happy dog over the last year.  Through knowing him,
I can't for the life of me understand why this is not a more popular
breed.  He is such a sweet and loving dog; energetic yet calm,
almost mature, silly, comical, and smart.   Thank you for bringing
him into my life.      
The grandkids love TJ and he loves them! Hope you are
all well! Thanks again for this wonderful pup!