About Us
I would like to use this space to briefly introduce ourselves and tell you a little
about Stonewall Farm.  We are Steve and Rhonda Haden and along with our
sons Matthew, David, daughter-in-law Angel and grandson Noah own and
operate a beef farm and small kennel in the Missouri Ozarks.  Stonewall Farm is
located on the family farm that I grew up on and Rhonda and I have lived here all
our adult lives.  We have raised Charolais and Angus cattle for years and more
recently Rhonda has started a small kennel.  
It all started innocently enough, my wife wanted a Basset Hound for her birthday.  
Being a dutiful husband I got one for her from a local Basset Hound breeder that I
knew had been raising Bassets for sometime.  We were so impressed with this
little pup that we decided that we wanted another.  This began a wonderful
friendship with this local breeder, he introduced us to Irish Terriers and the rest
as they say is history.   We now have a small group of outstanding dogs and
Rhonda has her hands full with several Basset Hound puppies for sale
throughout the year.
I would like to give a special thanks to Ed and Evelyn Weber.  They have taught us
so much about dogs, and how to do things the right way.  We owe them more
than we can ever repay.
Stonewall Farm
Sassy  the girl that
started it all.
Steve in 1970, my love
for dogs began a long
time ago.
Winter time in the "Holler"
Our Ozark farm in the fall
Cattle grazing at sunset
Bulls gathered under the apple tree
Another Ozarks sunset
Tara was one of our first
Irish Terriers
Jackson seems very
amused about something
Sarah is a very sweet girl
with incredible ears.
Clancy is a young Irish
sire we will be using from
time to time in the future.
This is Maudie, one of our
gorgeous basset girls.
A common sight here on the farm
A recent ice storm was beautiful, but made life on
the farm difficult.
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