Stonewall Jackson
Jackson is the foundation Sire
of many of our Irish.  Now in
retirement he still influences
our program greatly.
Stonewall King Louis     
Louis is the lead dog here in our
Basset group, and will sire
many of our Basset pups.   
The Irish Terrier is simply one of the most
personable and intelligent breeds of dog that I
have ever met.  He is a very active and athletic dog
and because of this he may not be the dog for
everyone.  However if you think you would like a
spirited dog that will own you as much as you own
him, an Irish might be what you are looking for.
We became Irish Terrier breeders about a year
after we developed the Basset Hound kennel, and
I simply love these dogs.  I honestly would not be
without one.  If you want to see our Irish Terrier
puppies for sale you can go to the Current Litters
page of our site or click on the link above .  
Stonewall  Farm  
Basset Hounds, Irish Terriers
& Wire Fox Terriers
(417) 683-5876
The Basset Hound is a gentle, and agreeable
companion for young and old alike.  If you are
looking for a buddy that will be glad to see you
day in and day out without fail, you could do far
worse than a Basset.  Bassets tend to get along
well with other dogs, we often let our Irish and
Bassets play together. We have been Basset
Hound breeders for several years now and
welcome all inquiries.  If you want to see our
Basset Hound puppies for sale you can go to our
The first purebred dog that we ever owned was a
Basset and her loving nature and personality is
what inspired us to develop a kennel.
To see Puppies for Sale go to our Current Litters page
The Wire Fox Terrier has many of the same
wonderful attributes that we have come to love
in our Irish dogs.  They are intelligent, loyal,
athletic, agile and loaded with personality.  This
is a terrier through and through and anyone
owning one needs to be prepared for that, but
what a great loving companion to come home to
every evening.  The Wire Fox is a low shedding
dog like the Irish, in a little smaller package.  If
you want to see what we have available at the
moment you can click the link above.
Gargamel has really come
into his own in the last year and
may now be our most popular
Here's a look at the future!  We have a new fellow making
Stonewall Farm his home now.  Stonewall's Captain Morgan
will enter our Basset line-up along with Gargamel Moravia
Bray and "King Louis".  We will now be able to combine
some of the best of the European, Canadian and Brazilian
bloodlines with our home-grown American Bassets.
Feel free to visit any of these pages to learn more.
Basset Hound King Louis
BassetHound Capt Morgan
Cptain Morgan Basset Hound
We are looking for a good home for Ariel, she's 2 years old and very
sweet.  She should make someone a great companion.  There would
be no charge, all I ask is that she be spayed.  
Update:  Thanks Kim, for taking Ariel!