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Basset Hound & Irish Terrier Puppy Breeder

Welcome to Stonewall Farm Bassets, a reputable breeder of AKC basset hounds and Irish terriers in Ava, MO. Our farm is dedicated to breeding happy and healthy puppies that will make wonderful companions for your family. With years of experience and a deep love for animals, we have developed a strong reputation for providing our clients with some of the most lovable puppies you will ever meet. Our breeding program is carefully crafted to produce high-quality puppies that have a friendly and playful disposition.

basset hound puppy

Basset puppies

Our family-run business specializes in raising and selling the happiest, healthiest, and most adorable basset hounds in the region.

irish terrier puppy

Irish Terriers

At Stonewall Farm, we are dedicated to raising, training, and selling Irish Terriers. We provide only the best care for our four-legged companions.

basset hound stud

Basset Hound Studs

At our farm, we prioritize healthy, well-bred puppies that will bring joy to their new owners. Our secret? Our exceptional basset hound studs!

Find your furry soulmate with us

Happy, Healthy Puppies For Sale

A licensed veterinarian thoroughly examines each Stonewall Farm puppy before they leave for their new home. Every puppy will have a certificate of health, a complete shot record, as well as AKC registration papers. Additionally, puppies must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned to be adopted. Stonewall Farm starts our pups on Purina Pro Plan puppy food before leaving for their forever home.

Stonewall Farm prefers pickup here at the farm when possible. However, we do offer delivery by air when needed. We can also arrange for delivery by private courier in some instances on a case-by-case basis. Local sales tax does apply to all puppy purchases.

Stonewall Farm micro-chips most of our puppies before they leave for adoption. Learn more about our adoption process by clicking on the button below.

two tan and white basset hound puppies
AKC champion basset hound
AKC Registered

Champion Breeding for Champion Dogs

Stonewall farm is the home of AKC Champion “Barney”. We will have offspring from this wonderful sire off and on throughout the year. Stonewall farm also offers stud service with Barney and most of the other awesome sires that we have. You can bring your girl to us or we can arrange to have Semen shipped if needed. Please call for more details.

AKC Registered

Potential Stud available

This young fellow was picked by us from a very good litter of 9 siblings to keep back as a replacement stud. Since then we have found a completely unrelated male in Europe that we are importing and have reluctantly decided to offer this boy up for sale. He is a very deep, thick boy, and has plenty of European characteristics, along with a winning “go gitter” attitude. Contact us for more info.

AKC Registered

Stonewall Tara takes best of breed!

Our girl “Tara” went Best of Breed two days recently at Purina Farms Facility near St. Louis. We hope to see her finish her AKC Championship later this year.

“Very good people with good healthy dogs! Also an extremely high quality set up I was very impressed by it. Would recommend if you’re looking for a Basset hound. Update.
I’ve had my Puppy Reagan for getting close to 2 years this November. She’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned. Absolutely a beautiful dog as well. Every time she’s gone to the vet for check ups and the like, with out fail the veterinarians comment on her kind personality and sweet disposition and her beautiful coloring. I cannot highly recommend you guys enough for people in search of good quality dogs.”

major gallagher

“We went over the weekend to retrieve our newest family member. And, look, this is no small operation. But, there is no question that a TON of work is put in to ensure that these dogs are in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. And, let’s talk about the “bottom line”…the dogs themselves: our pup is spectacular. He’s gorgeous with an absolutely perfect demeanor. This is my 4th Basset and, let me be very frank, at the price I paid for one of these puppies, I had VERY high expectations. Stonewall delivered.”


“Thank you Stonewall Farm !! We bought ‘Bonnie’ three weeks ago. After seeing her on the website, talking to Steve and Rhonda and reserving her, our adoption experience was smooth sailing. A professional transport service shipped Bonnie to us a week later. She arrived healthy and happy. Our puppy is everything we expected she would be and more! She’s bright and has a calm demeanor, at only 11 weeks she’s nearly house trained. I can’t say enough good things about Stonewall Farm. Their professionalism and knowledge is worth every penny you will spend when buying one of their quality Bassets.”


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Get in touch today to arrange a visit to our farm and more about the adoption process.