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Stonewall Farm in Ava, MO proudly breeds AKC basset hound puppies that make happy and healthy additions to your family. Our goal is to connect our customers with loving and healthy pets that will bring them endless joy and companionship. At Stonewall Farms Bassets, we take great pride in our commitment to responsible breeding. Our dogs are carefully selected to ensure that they have the desired physical and personality traits of a basset hound. We follow the best breeding practices to ensure that our puppies are healthy, happy, and socialized.

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female basset hound for sale
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Adult females available

We have adult Basset-Females available. Prices for any of these adults will vary depending on the circumstances and will be handled on a case by case basis.  For more info please email or call, thanks!

Adorable Lifelong Companions

Life With Basset hounds

  • Basset hound puppies are friendly, outgoing, and perfect for families. It is very rare to find an aggressive Basset hound. Occasionally, we come across a pup that is more shy. Lots of attention, patience, and love will give a shy pup the confidence to shine!
  • Puppies are big eaters and Basset hounds are no exception. Monitoring eating habits as they age will help control obesity in your Basset.
  • All puppies are clumsy and with their long, drooping ears, Basset hound puppies find themselves stumbling easily. They will literally fall over their ears! Being mindful of steps and stairs will keep your pup safe and happy!
  • Stonewall Farm Bassets does not suggest keeping your Basset hound around in-ground pools. Their short stature doesn’t make graceful swimmers like other long-legged breeds. Normal puppy-proofing is a good idea for any new puppy. Keep household cleaners and electrical cords out of chewing reach. Stabilize heavy furniture and objects for optimum puppy play.
  • People often asking about Basset hound barking. While they do have a louder, booming bark due to the hound breeding, Bassets are not more prone to being vocal than any other dog. Being mindful of your area is suggested only because they are, as a breed, louder than other dog breeds.

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